Saturday, October 24, 2009

Horticulture Opening Social

Our Horticulture Social was a success as always. We wanted to thank all those that helped with cooking and preparing the food, setting up and taking down the headhouse, and making this the event we all enjoy.
Here Bro. Dewey, Barnes and Romney cook the "charred animal flesh" for us on the amazing grills.So much wonderful meat!Bro. Dewey was so proud of the perfect pinkness in this steak and how good it tasted! I was surprised that they were only seasoned with garlic salt. They were just good cuts of meat.Thanks Evan and Tim for cooking the scones! They were delicious! Mitzi's boy only ate the scones! :)Thanks to the Flower Center girls for the wonderful topiary arrangements on the tables!

It was fun to have the representatives for Heads Up Landscape there to enjoy all the steak with. We definitely had a full house, headhouse that is. It was fun, as always, to see our fellow students' spouses and kids. We get to know them at a much better level.You can see Bro. Nelson heading back with his bowl to grab more steak. This section of the headhouse ate the most because every time Bro. Nelson brought in more steak he stopped at each person at these tables to get rid of most of it. They were stuffed! This is such a fun tradition for our department. We get to met casually and enjoy really great food. Thanks again for all those who participated in making this happen. Can't wait for the next one!

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